Investment Update: The Market is Shifting Gears

Jeff Mortimer

In his April 2018 Investment Update, Jeff Mortimer says the market is finally taking notice of building inflationary pressure and that investors need to appreciate this change to navigate the choppy waters ahead.

Five Tips for Preserving the Value of Your Haute Couture

Your couture collection isn't just something you take pleasure in — it's also an asset. Failing to take this into account when making decisions about your wealth and estate plans can have serious financial consequences.

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Pre-Immigration Tax Planning: Permanently Moving to the U.S.

Joan Crain

When considering a move to the U.S., those with substantial wealth should engage with competent, experienced advisors who are familiar with the ins and outs of U.S. tax law and can provide advice that makes the transition as easy as possible.

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The types of clients we serve and the services we offer

Individuals & Families

We specialize in meeting the complex investment and banking needs of wealthy individuals and their families.

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Advisors to Individuals & Families

We offer a collaborative approach and customized solutions for our clients' other professional and financial advisors.

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Family Offices

Among the first of its kind in the nation, our Family Office services feature industry-leading resources and expertise for family offices and their financial interests.

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Non-Profits & Pensions

We offer a full range of investment, custody and reporting services tailored specifically to the needs of non-profits and pensions nationwide.

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What to expect as our client

A Client-First Culture

We do things a little differently at BNY Mellon Wealth Management. Here, we have a commitment to serving clients, not selling products–a client-first approach that has led to industry-leading client satisfaction rates.

And while we're proud of those results, it’s our client retention rates that matter most to us. Those sustained relationships can only be earned over time–and they’re what allow us to create not just richer lifetimes, but enduring legacies.


Our expertise at work


Our latest events and sponsorships

American Council on Gift Annuities 2018 Conference

Apr 25 - 27

Seattle, WA
BNY Mellon Wealth Management is a proud sponsor of the American Council on Gift and Annuities Annual Conference in Seattle. BNY Mellon Wealth’s thought leaders Jere Doyle and Crystal Thompkins will both present during the conference.

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McCarter Theatre Center Annual Gala

Apr 28

Princeton, NJ
BNY Mellon Wealth Management is a proud sponsor of the McCarter Theatre Gala.

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